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The Help Page


Friday, Apr 6, 2001 at 11:30 AM EST, by

There are Navigation Links at the top right corner of every page in this site, with few exceptions. Use the Home link in the top right corner of any page, to get back to the first page of this site or use the Help link in the top right corner of any page, to get back to the Help Page.

There are now 6 major branches of the Prupis/Prupas/Propas/Proops/Proopis/Propis Family Tree. To go to the correct branch, choose from the correct link from the menu bar.

  • Prupis - My Branch of the Prupis Family. Lives on both coasts of the USA.
  • Prupas/Propas - The Canadian Branch of the Prupas/Propas Family.
  • Proops - the Proops family of Hebrew printers, publishers, and booksellers in Amsterdam (1640 to 1849)
  • Proopis/Propis - Grandpa Yale was a medicine man on the outskirts of Yanovitch on an Estate.
  • Proopis - the Father was born in Vitepesk in Russia.
  • Prupis - ... grandfather, Eisef Prupis, was originally from Lithuania, with synagogue in Yanovichi.

There are two more Prupas/Propis families, that beleive they are related to the Canadian Branch. But they do not know how.

In Penn Station was a room full of Phone Booths. There were also phone books from every major city in the US and Canada. I spent hours looking for other Prupis around the country and was shocked to discover this other Prupas family in Canada. I wrote those phone numbers down and logged when I was accumulating any information on the Propas and Prupas and Prupis and Proops Families.

  • Prupas - I originally got this information from Paul Prupas.
  •     I got most of this information from Malin and Jacob Prupas.
  • Propis - I got most of this information from David Propis.

Then there is Victor and Katya Prupis.

  • Prupis - I got most of this information from Victor and Katya Prupis.

So now there are 9 Families I am currently researching.

Since I created this site at the end of January 2000, the look and feel of these pages have changed 3 times. I finally decided on the 1990 Yahoo look. As of Wednesday, Sep 3, 2008, I decided to use the Multiflex style from

The easist way to use this site is to explore it. Check everything out and then you will become a power user of the site. I realize that there would be a small audience for this site, however, if you are not a Prupis and want to use this site as a template for your site, that's OK.

The pictures of names and how they relate to each other comes from a program I built from Visual Basic in 1990. I then create an image, .jpg file, and refer to those images on this site. This makes that information eight years old and need to be replaced.

Enough Rambling, if you spot any sppellling errros, let me know. If you can supply me with any documentation about the folks listed on this site, I will be happy to take them.

Thank you,
Enjoy -- Blake L. Prupis

Thursday, Sep 11 2008 at 4:15 PM EST, by

The Help Page

I can use all the help I can get.

Saturday, Feb 6, 2001 at 11:30 PM EST, by

With the growing popularity of the Internet, it is easier than ever to do research on your own Family Tree. There are now 6 major branches of the Prupis/Prupas/Propas/Proops/Proopis/Propis Family Tree, and with the names available on this site, some of the names that are unknown can be filled in with the right type of research. Think about looking up someone's phone number and asking them, what are your kid's names, what are your parents names, can I get a copy of your fathers death certificate ? These questions do not go over too well to someone who could be a stranger, and a long lost cousin at the same time. Some planning must go into this.

Enough said, if you want to help, e-mail me below. Thanx for looking.



If you are familiar with any of the Families listed above, or are part of the listed Families,
and found any inaccuracies that can be corrected, please e-mail me at

originally created: January 25, 2000