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Subject: Prupas?
Date:  Tuesday, Oct 24 2000 at 2:24 PM EST
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Hey Just read you web site containing the information on the Prupas family. I too am a Prupas. My father's father was Prupas and came from Montreal. His name was Bob Prupas. have you heard of him or can you help me out. Does this fit in anywhere. Most of the rest of the Prupas family lives in Reno, NV. -Jacob Prupas

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Monday, April 16 2001 at 12:30 AM EST, by

So far I have entered aprox. 218 names, known and unknowned,
for the Prupas - Propas Canadian Family Tree Branch.
There are aprox. 248 names entered for the Prupis Family, of which I am a member.
There are aprox. 54 names entered for the Proops Family from Amsterdam.



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