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Marianna Lyubinsky's Letter

May 6, 1996
To: Mr. Blake Prupis
From: Marianna Lyubinsky

Recently I received a letter from Russia, from my aunt. She wrote me what she remembered about Prupises, and I tried to translate it.

I told you she that she is 76 years old, during the "Stalin's" years, she was imprisoned and she was in camps with her baby (my cousin, who was born in jail). And now it seems that all the deceases in the world are hers. She has very high blood pressure, heart disease, problems with stomach, problems with legs, etc....

I want to send you a copy of the Prupis family "tree" that she draw for me.

It seems that there are no Prupises now in Moscow, some of them are dead, others went to Isreal, but my aunt doesn't know their address.

I also have photos of some of the Prupises. I can't send them to you, but if we'll meet some day, I'll show everything to you.

It's a pity that I was not interested in the history of my family earlier when everybody was alive...

With warm regards.


P.S. Sorry for the mistakes.

Extracts from Marianna Lyubinsky's Aunt's Letter

"...My grandfather, Eisef Prupis, was originally from Lithuania, his relatives (I don't know sister or brother lived in Nevel (now Riga - Latvia -- Blake), and were killed by Nazi). He was "a'keen" (she prounced this word such way) and was very proud of that. I remembered that in synagogue in Yanovichi and in Leningrad during prayers he sat amoung very respectable people."

"There was somebody (grandfather's relatives) in Kharkov (Ukraine -- Blake) but they were killed by Nazi."

"It's a pity that when my mother and father were alive nobody were interested about the "roots" of the family. And whole life were consisted from fear, losses of house of childhood and going from one place to another...

We lived in the constant fear, we were afraid of the militia and every noise...
these were in Yanovichi. And then later, in Leningrad, fear was everywhere...
This was style of life in our country.

And now I have fear that communists will take power again and they will put in jails those who are not guilty as it was in the past..."



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