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1 - VAM Visual Asset Manager - NJEDge Asset List Reports

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2 - For My Web Design Students

  • Two Reading assignments, a PDF file from the Missing Manual, a section that is not in the book,
                 its all about the Timeline Control: Layers: Interactivity and Animation
  • Also read about the Timeline Control in Dreamweaver 8, Training from the Source: Pages 341 - 348
  • tanning - about

3 - Hills Valley Coalition

4 - PHP MySQL Pet and Members Project

My Companion Site for PHP & MySQL for Dummies

5 - The Prupis Family Tree

6 - CSS Buttons

Web Design Class Assignments are on the top portion of this page !
Links for Creating Pretty Good Looking Textual CSS Buttons

7 - SQL • PL/SQL

8 - Miscellaneous