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Proops Family Tree Coverage - Printer Remarks

Proops Family History - Printer Remarks

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Thus said Abraham, junior son of the deceased famous printer, the Honorable Solomon Prupas, authentic Cohen, may the recalling of the righteous bring blessing, of Amsterdam, and his [Abraham] son, his soul's companion, Solomon, authentic Cohen:

It has now been four years since the Lord prompted us to leave the city of our birth and take up residence here in Offenbach. Our spirts yearned to continue the holy task of printing works that would exalt and glorify the Torah.

Divine will brought success to our hands by inspiring the heart of the famous rabbi, [the author of] 'Arugat Habosem, the head of the rabbinic court and the head of the rabbinic academy in the most beautiful city, the joy of the entire earth, the holy and magnificent Frankfort-on-the-Main, who thoughtfully decided to have his delightful volume Binyan Shelomo on the Tractate Sanhedrin repinted by us, thus to enlighten the diaspora with his novellae.

The fame of the above-named author has already spread over the earth; from afar come approbation and thanks. Blessed be the Lord who amazed us with His lovingkindness and enabled us to begin and complete the book Binyan Shelomo by our hands. So may He grant us the privilege to be the printers for the other books.

We now raise our hands towards God in heaven to bless the aforementioned rabbinic author with the priestly blessing. May the Lord lengthen his days and years in goodness and pleasantness. May he by his Torah quench the thirst of the soul until the establishment of the heavenly city. May the Torah not leave the mouths of his descendants and of their descendants to eternity.

May Judah be saved in his lifetime and in our lifetimes and may Israel dwell in security. Amen.

From one of the Books published by the Proops Family
year aprox.: 1779

First, Second, and Third Generations

First, Second, and Third Generations

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Image description: Proops Family Tree

• Joseph Proops
• sp. Rachel

• Devora
• sp. Abraham Bokkum

• David Proops
• sp. Unknown

• Solomon Proops
• sp. Unknown

A Quick Comment

Some Miscellaneous Facts

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Around 1993 I received alot of information about the Proops Family.
I tried to use that information to put together their family tree.
However, after doing that,
I see that some of these relationships need re-thinking.

Proops Family Tree Coverage

Including all of the Generations

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Image description: Including some of the Fourth Generation Image description: Including some of the Fourth Generation

The Proops Family Tree -- (Amsterdam) 1640 to 1792



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