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I would like to acknowledge Paul Prupas and all his help and experince in researching the history of the Propas and Prupas and Proops Families. As a Prupis, I feel that the Prupis family, which had a great history, is now part of a bigger family, with 3 or 4 more times of stories, experiences, names, events, that parallel the incredible History of the Prupis Family. The Proops family that existed in Amsterdam, has a history from 1640 to 1849, and fade out without a trace.

In 1967, I was 15 years old, I went to school and on weekends and summers I worked for my Uncle Floyd (Maternal Side) across the street from Madison Square Garden in New York City, 34th Street and Seventh Avenue. Underneath Madison Square Garden is Penn Station.

In Penn Station was a room full of Phone Booths. There were also phone books from every major city in the US and Canada. I spent hours looking for other Prupis around the country and was shocked to discover this other Prupas family in Canada. I wrote those phone numbers down and logged when I was accumulating any information on the Propas and Prupas and Prupis and Proops Families.

I use to save my change and call all over the country and Canada searching for Prupis Relatives to place in my Family Tree.

One of those phone calls were to Paul Prupas, who resides in Montreal Canada. In a series of phone calls, we discovered that we were from 2 different branches of the Prupis Family Tree.

We are both Jewish, Cohens, and Russian descent.
We are fairly sure that our two families are related.

Many years later my parents moved to Florida. Paul Prupas was maintaing two residences, one in Florida and one residence in Montreal.

One day my mother or Aunt Harriet, I do not remember which, received a phone call from Paul Prupas, and they agreed to go out for dinner.

Ever since than there were closer family ties between Paul Prupas and the Prupis family.

I have an envelope, stamp marked Febuary 27, 1993, that I received from Paul Prupas, that contained a xero'ed copy of his family tree.

Thru that documentation, and several phone calls in 1993, I am producing the "Prupas - Propas" Family Tree, Candian Branch.

Thank you,
Paul for all your help and inspiration.

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