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There are many version of the Prupis Family Tree site

Tuesday, Jan 12 2016 at 6:30 EST, by

Version 1 used the style that Yahoo News origianlly used around 2000

Version 2 used a the multiflex3 style used by NJEdge also near 2000

Version 3 uses wordpress, and has the latest updates

Most of this site's information has not been updated in eight years, only it's design.

Wednesday, Sept 10 2008 at 5:30 PM EST, by

Version 1 - Original Formatted Site

Style modeled off the original Yahoo News Site

  • Old Original Site with useless links that point to pages that are no longer stored at the old url's.
  • (old) Original Site

originally created: January 25, 2000

Version 2 - Multiflex3 Styled Formatted Site

Style modeled off theMultiflex3 Styled Site

  • Old Comcast links page that pont to the pages that use to be stored with Comcast.
  • (old) Comcast links

originally created: February 12, 2001

Version 3 - WordPress Family Tree Site

Style selected from what WordPress has to offer

originally created: May 31, 2011

Version 4 - Multiflex3 Styled Family Tree Site

Style again modeled off the Multiflex3 Styled Site

originally created: Jan 10, 2016



If you are familiar with any of the Families listed above, or are part of the listed Families,
and found any inaccuracies that can be corrected, please e-mail me at

originally created: January 25, 2000