The Prupas and Propas Family Tree - (Canadian/USA) - Lost Families

-- (Canadian/USA) - Lost Families --

Tuesday, April 17 2001 at 12:05 AM EST, by

Morris and Fannia Prupas

  • Adopted Larry -- Deceased ?
  • Adopted Ben
  • California

Maxie Prupas

  • Stage Name (Michael Paige)
  • Played Trombone
  • California

Bobby and Bernice Prupas

  • Roxanne Prupas-Carson, NV
  • Norman Prupas- Reno, NV
  • Henry Prupas- Reno, NV

A Quick Comment

Some Miscellaneous Facts

Monday, April 16 2001 at 12:30 AM EST, by

So far I have entered aprox. 218 names, known and unknowned,
for the Prupas - Propas Canadian Family Tree Branch.
There are aprox. 248 names entered for the Prupis Family, of which I am a member.
There are aprox. 54 names entered for the Proops Family from Amsterdam.



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