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SAP PM Prerequisite Modules - Navigational Tutorial and Resources Links
Module Module Name Links Links Blake's Links
PM Plant Mantenance tutorials point   Blake
MM Material Management tutorials point Overview Guru99 Blake: 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-25
SD Sales and Distribution tutorials point Tutorial Guru99 Blake
PP Production Planning tutorials point Tutorial Guru99 Blake | 1-7
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SAP PM Plant Maintenance - PM Tutorial and PM Resources
1 Home 11 Maintenance Planning
2 Overview 12 Project-Oriented Maintenance
3 Technical Objects 13 Refurbishment Process
4 Equipment Master Record 14 Warranty Claim Processing
5 Functions of Technical Objects 15 Mobile Applications for EAM
6 Creating Multilingual Text 16 Work Clearance Management
7 Breakdown Maintenance 17 Information System
8 Corrective Maintenance 18 Cross Application Time Sheet
9 Creating/Planning MO (Maintenance Order) 19 Single and Composite Roles
10 Preventive Maintenance