Elizabeth Crawford

Image descriptionElizabeth Ann Crawford (daughter of Louise Crawfod) is single. She was married and divorced two times.

She has 1 son* and 1 daughter**.



Elizabeth Crawford

Born Elizabeth Ann Crawfod in Christ Hospital, Jersey City, NJ on October 22, 1953. She was named after Queen Elizabeth who was being coronated at the time.

Ex-Husbanl Parents - see Heather or Alexander


Maternal Parents - Louise and Robert Crawford

Mother: Louise Crawford (Age: 80)

Born Louise T. Smith in New Bedford on September 15, 1919 and died in New Bedford on January 6, 2000. She was delivered at home as was the norm during this period.  

Louise Smith (age 27) married Robert Crawford (age 27) on November 27, 1946 in St. Henry's Rectory, Bayonne, NJ. They had 6 children (2 daughters and 4 sons - including 1 infant death).

Father: Robert Crawford (Age: 56)

Mr. xxxx Crawford was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on October 11, 1919 and died October 20, on 1975. Place of death is unkown. Date of death is per web site listing.

*Ex-Husband - Marriage #2

*Douglas Sayour

She was married to Douglas Sayour on December 12, 1994 in the Borough Hall, Palisades Park, NJ. This was her second marriage and was married for 10 years until February 2005.  They had 1 son Alexander Sayour*.  

**Ex-Husband - Marriage #1

**Glenn Richard Tringali

 Elizabeth's first marriage was to Glenn Tringali which lasted 5 years and produced one daughter Heather (Tringali) Comstock**.